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PSA for openshift users - dockerhub will be down for scheduled outage on August 25th

Please see https://status.docker.com/ for times.

Remember, if you have autoscaling nodes that need to pull new apps, or have pods that run with PullAlways, or push builds to the docker hub, while the hub is down those operations will fail.

Mitigations could include:

1. Disable autoscaling for the duration
2. Use the image mirroring and transparent proxying feature of the openshift integrated registry (switch the resolutionPolicy for your image streams to Local on 3.9 or later) to automatically mirror remote images and serve them from the local registry
3. Disable PullAlways from any deployed workloads so you can leverage cached local images (if a pod tries to restart while the registry is down and pull always is set, the new container won’t be started).
4. Push to a different registry than dockerhub, like the integrated registry or quay.io

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