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Adding AWS 'clusterid' to existing Openshift cluster

I'm working through my first install of Openshift on AWS resources, but I didn't add 'openshift_clusterid' and 'openshift_cloudprovider_kind' in my inventory file before running it and having a successful cluster set-up. Now I'm trying to go back and do things manually using this link:


Since it uses the unique 'clusterid' to identify which AWS resources belong to the cluster, I'd assume I need to add it to the master (and maybe node) configurations, but I don't see where I'd do that. Anyone have insight?

Related question, if I have resources in multiple AZs, how do I manage that? Aka, I have masters and nodes in 2 AZs for higher availability, but it seems through that the guide I linked above says I can only specify one in the master configurations. For instance, in the 'aws.conf':

Zone = us-east-1c

 Is there a way to specify multiple AZs?
Adam R. Toy
(724) 664-7852
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