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New SSL certs not being reflected on secure routes


I am facing a problem, which I am unable to understand how to solve. I am using Openshift Origin 3.7, and have three routes corresponding to 3 deployments as follows (dummy data)

1) App 1 ---> www.domain.edu/
2) App 2 ---> www.domain.edu/path1
3) App 3 ---> www.domain.edu/path2

Since all the domain was the same, while configuring the secure route, I provided the same Certificate and private key on all these routes, and it worked great, until recently, when the certificate is due for renewal. I generated a new certificate, deleted the old routes and created new, identical routes, with the new certificate details. 

But when I access the routes on my browser, still the older certificate is displayed. Am I skipping some step, which needs to be done. When adding the certificate, I only uploaded the certificate and key on the create route window and nowhere else. Do I have to redeploy the entire service etc. 

Help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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