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openshift-ansible release-3.10 - Install fails with control plane pods

Hello everyone

I am having trouble getting a working Origin 3.10 installation using the openshift-ansible installer. My install always fails because the control pane pods are not available. I've checkout the release-3.10 branch from openshift-ansible and configured the inventory accordingly

TASK [openshift_control_plane : Start and enable self-hosting node] ******************
changed: [master]
TASK [openshift_control_plane : Get node logs] *******************************
skipping: [master]
TASK [openshift_control_plane : debug] ******************************************
skipping: [master]
TASK [openshift_control_plane : fail] *********************************************
skipping: [master]
TASK [openshift_control_plane : Wait for control plane pods to appear] ***************

failed: [master] (item=etcd) => {"attempts": 60, "changed": false, "item": "etcd", "msg": {"cmd": "/bin/oc get pod master-etcd-master.vnet.de -o json -n kube-system", "results": [{}], "returncode": 1, "stderr": "The connection to the server master.vnet.de:8443 was refused - did you specify the right host or port?\n", "stdout": ""}}  

TASK [openshift_control_plane : Report control plane errors] *************************
fatal: [master]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Control plane pods didn't come up"}

I am using Vagrant to setup a local domain (vnet.de) which also includes a dnsmasq-node to have full control over the dns. The following VMs are running and DNS ans SSH works as expected

Hostname             IP
master.vnet.de (dns also works for openshift.vnet.de which is configured as openshift_master_cluster_public_hostname) also runs etcd
infra.vnet.de (openshift_master_default_subdomain wildcard points to this node)

When connecting to the master-node I can see that several docker-instances are up and running

[vagrant master ~]$ sudo docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                    COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES                                                                                                                         
9a0844123909        ff5dd2137a4f                             "/bin/sh -c '#!/bi..."   19 minutes ago      Up 19 minutes                           k8s_etcd_master-etcd-master.vnet.de_kube-system_a2c858fccd481c334a9af7413728e203_0                                            
41d803023b72        f216d84cdf54                             "/bin/bash -c '#!/..."   19 minutes ago      Up 19 minutes                           k8s_controllers_master-controllers-master.vnet.de_kube-system_a3c3ca56f69ed817bad799176cba5ce8_0                              
044c9d12588c        docker.io/openshift/origin-pod:v3.10.0   "/usr/bin/pod"           19 minutes ago      Up 19 minutes                           k8s_POD_master-api-master.vnet.de_kube-system_86017803919d833e39cb3d694c249997_0                                              
10a197e394b3        docker.io/openshift/origin-pod:v3.10.0   "/usr/bin/pod"           19 minutes ago      Up 19 minutes                           k8s_POD_master-controllers-master.vnet.de_kube-system_a3c3ca56f69ed817bad799176cba5ce8_0                                      
20f4f86bdd07        docker.io/openshift/origin-pod:v3.10.0   "/usr/bin/pod"           19 minutes ago      Up 19 minutes                           k8s_POD_master-etcd-master.vnet.de_kube-system_a2c858fccd481c334a9af7413728e203_0 

However, there is no port 8443 open on the master-node. No wonder the ansible-installer complains. 

The machines are using a plain Centos 7.5 and I've run the openshift-ansible/playbooks/prerequisites.yml first and then openshift-ansible/playbooks/deploy_cluster.yml.
I've double-checked the installation documentation and my Vagrant config...all looks correct.

Any ideas/advice?

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