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Re: How to create an app in OpenShift with existing local docker image

If you can't put the image up on a image registry where OpenShift can pull it from, you need to push it to the internal image registry of OpenShift. This creates an image stream in your project, you can then deploy it, or use it as an image for docker builds or source builds.

For uploading the image to the internal image registry, see:


For more information on deploying on OpenShift, suggest you read the free eBook at:



On 14 Dec 2018, at 12:22 am, Anila Saifan <anila saifan gmail com> wrote:

Hi Guys,

I  have a  docker image in my local VM .I want to use this docker image to start build and create app .In short I want OpenShift to use the local docker image on the VM

What are the steps for the same.

I have a tar file I use docker load < docker.tar

A image Id is formed .

Now I want to know how do I point OpenShift to use this tar file or image I’d to start a build or create app 
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