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Help using ImageStreams, DCs and ImagePullSecrets templates with a GitLab private registry (v3.6)

Hi all,

I’m successfully using a DeploymentConfig (DC) and an ImagePullSecret (IPS) templates with OpenShift Origin v3.6 to spin-up my application from a container image hosted on a private GitLab registry. But I want the deployment to re-deploy when the GitLab image changes and to do this I believe I need to employ an ImageStream.

I’m, comfortable with each of these objects and have successfully used ImageStreams and DCs with public DockerHub images (that was easy because there are so many examples). But I’m stuck trying to pull an image using an ImageStream from a private GitLab-hosted docker registry.

The IPS seems to belong to the DC, so how do I get my ImageStream to use it? My initial attempts have not been successful. All I get, after a number of attempts at this, is the following error on the ImageScreen console...

	Internal error occurred: Get https://registry.gitlab.com/v2/myproject/myimage/manifests/latest: denied: access forbidden. Timestamp: 2017-12-28T14:27:12Z Error count: 2.

Where “myproject” and “myimage” are my GitLab project and image names.

My working DC/IPS combo looks something like this…

- name: gitlab-myproject
  - image: registry.gitlab.com/myproject/myimage:stable
    name: myimage

But what would my DC/IPS/ImageStream objects look like?

Thanks in advance.

Alan Christie.

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