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Deployment to OpenStack

I hope this is the right place to ask questions about the openshift/openshift-ansible-contrib GitHub repo, and specifically the playbooks for installing OpenShift on OpenStack:
If not then please redirect me.

By following the instructions in that link I successfully ran a basic deployment that involved provisioning the OpenStack servers and the deploying OpenShift using the byo config.yaml playbook. But in doing so it's immediately obvious that this approach is not really viable as public IP addresses are assigned to every node. It should only be necessary to have public IP addresses for the master and the infrastructure node hosting the router.

My expectation is that the best way to handle this would be to:

1. provision the basic openstack networking environment plus a bastion node from outside the openstack environment 2. from that bastion node provision the nodes that will form the OpenShift cluster and deploy OpenShift to those.

Are there any examples along those lines?

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