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Re[4]: nginx in front of haproxy ?

Hi Fabio.

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Von: "Fabio Martinelli" <fabio martinelli 1979 gmail com>
An: "Aleksandar Lazic" <aleks me2digital eu>
Gesendet: 04.01.2018 10:34:03
Betreff: Re: Re[2]: nginx in front of haproxy ?

Thanks Joel,
that's correct, in this particular case it is not nginx in front of our 3 haproxy but nginx in front of our 3 Web Console ; I got confused because in our nginx we have other rules pointing to the 3 haproxy, for instance to manage the 'metrics.hosting.wfp.org' case

Thanks Aleksandar,
my inventory sets :


maybe I had to be more explicit as you advice by directly setting :
I would do


The ip for `master.hosting.wfp.org` should be a vip.

The domain alone is not enough you need a ip e. g.:, if you have not setuped a wild-card dns entry for this domain.


anyway I'm afraid to run Ansible again because of the 2 GlusterFS we run, 1 for general data, 1 for the internal registry ; installing GlusterFS was the hardest part for us, maybe is there a way to skip the GlusterFS part without modifying the inventory file ?
Well I don't know.
How about to show us your inventory file with removed sensible data.

best regards,

Best regards

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