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Re: Heptio Contour

On 24.01.2018 19:31, Clayton Coleman wrote:
> In general, when comparing to haproxy and the general state, here's the list
> PROs (envoy):
> * supports http2 natively

I would say this is a non-issue:
https://www.mail-archive.com/haproxy formilux org/msg28004.html

HTTP/2 (Willy Tarreau) : HTTP/2 is automatically detected and processed
in HTTP frontends negociating the "h2" protocol name based on the ALPN
or NPN TLS extensions. At the moment the HTTP/2 frames are converted to
HTTP/1.1 requests before processing, so they will always appear as 1.1
in the logs (and in server logs). No HTTP/2 is supported for now on the
backend, though this is scheduled for the next steps. HTTP/2 support is
still considered EXPERIMENTAL, so just like for multi-threading, in case
of problem you may end up having to disable it for the time it takes to
solve the issue.

Now we just need to wait until HAProxy >= 1.8.0 is included in
OpenShift. Is there any rough ETA for this upgrade available?


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