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Re: Creating choice-based parameters for Jenkins Pipeline strategy

Hey Andy,

First, https://github.com/openshift/jenkins-sync-plugin/issues/131 was about secret/credential mapping
and not directly related to parameters.

That said, our sync plugin does allow for setting env vars on an OpenShift Pipeline Strategy Build Config,
and we'll map those Jenkins job parameter definitions.

I'm assuming you are referring to that.

Those env vars are always mapped as simple string params.  We are not currently tracking any changes
to support more than that.  Certainly feel free to open an RFE or card on our  trello board
if you have a use case for more sophisticated bc env var to jenkins param mapping.

As part of the existing support though, if you modify the associated Job def after the BC is initially created to add parameters,
it should do one of the following:
- if you trigger the build from openshift via 'oc start-build <bc name>', or I believe from Jenkins with all defaults, it will append the default value
of those params to the list of params for the job run
- if you trigger the build from jenkins, it should take an param settings you specify

That said, yes, the typo you found would impact any processing of ChoiceParameterDefinition
when you run `oc start-build ...` or I believe Jenkins without any changes from the parms defaults.

I've opened https://github.com/openshift/jenkins-sync-plugin/pull/243 to fix that.

On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 9:29 AM, Andrew Feller <afeller bandwidth com> wrote:
Can anyone confirm if non-string typed parameters (for example: choice) can be declared for Jenkins Pipeline strategy?

jenkins-sync-plugin issue 131 appears to add support for them except there appears to be a bug due to a typo (ChoiceParameterDefintion probably should be ChoiceParameterDefinition) and I can't really find anyone talking about this.



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