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Origin 3.9.0's Jenkins - forgetful agents!


I’m using Jenkins on an OpenShift Origin 3.9.0 deployment and notice that Jenkins periodically forgets the additional settings for my custom agent.

I’m using the built-in Jenkins from the catalogue (Jenkins 2.89.4) with all the plugins updated.

Incidentally, I doubt it has anything to do with the origin release as I recall seeing this on earlier (3.7/3.6) releases.

It happens when I deploy a new agent to Docker hub so this I can partly understand (i.e. a new ‘latest’ image is available so it’s pulled) - although I do struggle to understand why it creates a *new* Kubernetes pod template in the cloud configuration when one already exists for the same agent (but that’ll probably be the subject of another question). So, each time I push an image I have to fix the cloud configuration for my agent.

This I can live with (for now) but it also happens periodically for no apparent reason. I’m not sure about the frequency but I’ll notice every week, or every few weeks, the Kubernetes Pod Template for my agent has forgotten all the _extra_ setup. Things like: -

Run in privileged mode
- Additional volumes
Max number of instances
Time in minutes to retain slave when idle

Basically anything adjusted beyond the defaults provided when you first instantiate an agent is lost.

Has anyone reported this behaviour before?
Is there a fix or can anyone suggest an area of investigation?

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