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Re: load balancing for infra node in HA setup

Hi Tim,

Answers inline.

On 8 June 2018 at 23:00, Tim Dudgeon <tdudgeon ml gmail com> wrote:
The docs for installing a high availability openshift cluster e.g. [1] are fairly clear when it comes to the master node. If you set up a 3 masters then you need a load balancer that sits in front of these. OpenShift can provide this or you can provide your own external one.

What not so clear is how to handle the nodes where the infrastructure components (registry and router) get deployed. In a typical example you would have 2 of these nodes, but what would happen in this case?

I presume you are still openstack? Here is the OpenStack reference architecture for Openshift: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/reference_architectures/2018/html/deploying_and_managing_openshift_3.9_on_red_hat_openstack_platform_10/reference_architecture_summary

Normally you have 3 infra nodes with 3 router replicas with 1 load balancer in front.
Does a single registry and router get deployed to one of those nodes (in which case it would be difficult to set up DNS for the router to point to the right one).

You simply point the DNS at the load balancer in front of the infra nodes.  In the AWS reference architecture I run 3 registries, but they're backed by S3, so it depends on the backing store for the registry I guess.
But it doesn't matter if you run 1 registry or 3, as long as the traffic comes in via the load balancer, the OpenShift Routers will figure out where the registries are running.

Or does the router get deployed to both so a load balancer is needed in front of these?
Yes, routers should be deployed on all infra nodes with a load balancer in front.

And similarly for the registry. Is there one or two of these deployed? How does this work?
As mentioned above, it doesn't matter how many registries, but for ha you could have as many as the number of infra nodes, provided the backend for your registry allows multiple replicas. 

I hope someone can clarify this.

[1] https://docs.openshift.org/latest/install_config/install/advanced_install.html#multiple-masters

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