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What is the most reliable deployment method for 3.9 origin


I’m wondering what the most reliable method for installing Origin on Centos 7 is?

* RPMs
* Containerized
* System containers

Just recently we discovered that upgrading from 3.6 to 3.7 doesn’t seem to be tested using the containerized method, as the etcd upgrade fails as it tries to find specific versions of etcd on the fedora registry but the fedora registry only has a latest tag for etcd and then a few other random tags. So we had to switch to etcd from the redhat registry. This to me suggested that RPMs are probably the best method, as etcd at least has a version number, so the upgrade should succeed. 

How do system containers work? Are they still pulling containers from docker hub or are they something else entirely? Are they preferred over RPMs? Are they tested in origin? Or are RPMs they only real tested path for Origin?



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