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PV based on NFS does not survive reboot

I am running a test setup including a dedicated node providing a NFS share, which is not part of the Openshift installation.
After the installation I ran all the steps provided by the documentation [1] and I was able to add a persistent-volume-claim to my projekt which was bound to the NFS-PV.

However, after rebooting my cluster I can no longer add PVCs. They fail with the message that no persistent-volume is available. Running the oc command to add the NFS-PV again fails with a message that it already exists.
I checked my nfs-node and the nfs-service is running. Since I did not install any nfs-utils on the Openshift nodes I assume that the client service might not be enabled there, hence the PV is not available. I would assume that this is handled by the ansible-installer.

Any ideas what could cause this behavior?

[1] https://docs.openshift.com/enterprise/3.0/admin_guide/persistent_storage_nfs.html


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