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Re: OKD 3.10 restartPolicy into DC

Deployment Configs do not allow batch behavior, but they do allow “test” behavior that allows you to trigger a scale up when a change happens, and if everything succeeds you’ll get a “passing” deployment.  When success or failure happens it is scaled down to zero.  This can be used to validate that things deploy correctly.

But if you are doing actual batch workloads, jobs would be more appropriate.

On Nov 12, 2018, at 9:01 AM, François VILLAIN <f villain linkbynet com> wrote:



Maybe you should create a Job object instead of a DC object.





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Objet : OKD 3.10 restartPolicy into DC


Hi All,

we're trying to configure a DC with a pod executed in a batch mode. This pod completes its job and we would not restart it if the exit code is 0. 

We tried to configure the restartPolicy on DC configuration to Never but the master-api doesn't permit this change.


Is it possible to configure this behavior on DC?


Thanks a lot,


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