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Re: setting jenkins permissions

On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 6:31 PM, Seth Kenlon <skenlon redhat com> wrote:
I'm new to OpenShift use, and still getting my head around roles and permissions. I've got a test instance, and I'm trying to add a role to provide a Jenkins user access to Read, Job Build, and Job Cancel. I don't want the Jenkins user to have access to any more than that.

Is that a possible combination of permissions to create through the GUI?

it's probably possible if you use jenkins to manage your authorization(Jenkins offers pretty fine grained user permission control).  If you use the openshift integration(in which your jenkins permissions are determined by your permissions within openshift) it's not going to be possible because we basically match a few pretty chunky roles (view, edit, admin) to jenkins permissions (ie if you can edit a project in openshift, you can do edit-like things in the jenkins instance running in that project): https://github.com/openshift/jenkins-openshift-login-plugin#openshift-role-to-jenkins-permission-mapping

you can find some more details about this here:


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