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Contents of origin-upstream-dns.conf changed after reboot

We've got a situation where if a node is rebooted the contents of the /etc/dnsmasq.d/origin-upstream-dns.conf file get changed to the wrong settings preventing the node service to start.

The correct value is to point to the IP address of the nameserver on the network that is resolving the names of all servers in the cluster. This was originally the value that was in /etc/resolv.conf before the the ansible installer changed this to point to the local machine, and place that value in the origin-upstream-dns.conf file.

But after reboot this contents of this file are changed to different nameservers, I believe these being ones that are retrieved from DHCP. If the contents of origin-upstream-dns.conf are manually corrected and the dnsmasq and origin-node services restarted all is good again.

Can anyone explain why this happens and how to prevent it?

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