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Connecting from millions of clients to a service

I have a service that I'd like to host on OpenShift 3.9. Each client of the service has a persistent tcp connection, but the content is xmpp, not http or https. I have chosen to use a NodePort service listening on my xmpp port and it has been working fine (proxying traffic to the xmpp container as expected).

My problem is that once I reach over 64K clients the connections stop. Looking at netstat on my nodes and inside the container I can see that traffic is getting proxied from the infra node that is exposed outside of the cluster (the client's target for the xmpp) to the xmpp container. Since the traffic is getting proxied and each connection between the infra node and the container is using a source port on the infra node, I am limited by the number of ports available on the infra node. This is not going to work.

I did some brief googling to try to discover what the deployment pattern should be for this type of service but I'm not seeing it. Can someone point me to references that describe how to expose non-http traffice with millions of clients?


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