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Re: OpenShift Origin on AWS

> Oh wow, I figured we’d have to blow away the cluster to get the scaling groups. Was most of the work on the masters? Because I presume you just deleted the 3.6 nodes and recreated them in the scaling group?

The masters were ok (they are the only nodes not in a scaling group at the moment), there weren't too many changes to make during the upgrade for them.

The majority of the work was getting the AMI just right so new instances in a scaling group could join the cluster without any intervention from us. There were a few bits of trial and error in getting the contents of provisioning_vars.yml suitable for our cluster.

As the new node gets its configuration from a configmap on the cluster we spent a bit of time getting that set up along with automating the certificate signing requests so a node could be auto approved.

(I'm a colleague of Dave Conde by the way so we worked on it together)

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