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Re: How to push result of build to dockerhub from pipeline?

On Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 12:16 PM, Marc Boorshtein <mboorshtein gmail com> wrote:
Running OKD 3.10, I have a build and a pipeline that runs the build.  For the deploy step, I want to push the resulting image up to dockerhub.  I'm not seeing any examples of how to do this and I can't find any reference docs for the openshift client plugin for jenkins that says "here's all the available functions".  I feel like this is easy but am having a hard time finding it.

it's not as trivial as you think because there's no docker daemon normally available within the jenkins pod.

the typical recommendation is to add skopeo to your jenkins image (or slave image if you're using slaves/agents) and use skopeo to do the push.

you can also considering using "oc image mirror" since the oc binary is included in the jenkins images, but it requires you setup a docker config.json.


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