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ETCD no longer starting during install

Hello everyone

I am facing an issue with the installer for 3.10 (and 3.11 has the same problem)

It started around 2-3 weeks ago, since I wasnt able to run the Ansible installer successfully...even when using a tag from 3.10 in the installer-repo that worked before.
The control-plane is not starting and what I could figure out is, that etcd is not started anywhere. The last time it was working, when running "docker ps" on the master (single master, multi node system) I saw about 4 running containers...one of them was the etcd.
Now, there are only 2 of them and no etcd anywhere.

This is my current Vagrant-Setup which uses a simple script to check-out the openshift-installer, prepare Vagrant and run the Ansible files.

I thought that I might have broken my inventory or script but I double checked everything and I new that this setup was working before.
Now at work, the collegue who is maining our test-cluster has the same problem when upgrading from 3.9 to 3.10...no etcd anywhere. It seems restarting the docker-daemon fixes for our test-cluster.

If anyone could look into this would be very appreciated.
What I find odd is the fact that even a before working tag like openshit-ansible-3.10.53-1 is now broken. The only reasons I can think of, is the used Dockerimages have been updated or the installed Version of Docker is somewhat broken.

best regards

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