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Re: Binary build info

On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 4:25 AM, Jean-Francois Maury <jmaury redhat com> wrote:

I have a question about binary builds. Once a binary build has been created through the instanciatebinary operation, can we use the clone operation to respawn a new build ? Will it use the previous input ?

Unfortunately not.  The content you upload to the build is streamed into that build instance but not preserved anywhere, so it is not possible to "rerun" that build w/o supplying the binary input again.

If you want a rerunnable binary build I would suggest doing a chained build in which you:

1) perform a binary build that layers your uploaded content into an image
2) perform the "real" build which uses the "input from an image" feature to extract the content from the image you produced in (1) and perform the build.

You can then rerun build (2) at will since the image containing the input content will still exist.




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