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openshift origin all in one


I'm wondering with regard to the all-in-one setup:
- I know the documentation doesn't say it's considered production, but what would the downside be of using this on a VPS to host production apps? Except for the lack of redundancy obviously, the host goes down and it's all down, but my alternative would be to not use openshift and use plain docker on one host, so availability isn't my premium concern. Is it not recommended from a security perspective, considering how it's setup using "oc cluster up", or are there other concerns for not using it in production?
- When setting up an all-in-one on an internet-exposed host, how can you best protect the web console? Isn't it a bit "light" security wise to just depend on username/password for protection? Is there a possibility to use multifactor or certificate based authentication? I also tried blocking the port with iptables and using ssh with port forwarding, but this doesn't seem to work, both if I set the public-master option to the public ip or localhost?

Thanks for any help you can provide!



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