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OKD installation on CentOS 7.6



I tried to install OKD onto brand new CentOS VM 7.6.

As I already set up a simple cluster on my cloud server to learn Openshift (1 master 1 node / CentOS 7.6 running on proxmox), I assume it will be easy as well using the openshift-ansible project.


Here's the server I want to deploy:

okdlb01t => OKD Load balancer / 1CPU / 2G RAM / 1NIC

okdmst01t => OKD master / 8CPU / 16G RAM / 1NIC

okdnod01t / okdnod02t => 2 OKD nodes / 4CPU / 8G RAM / 1NIC

okdinf01t => OKD infrastructure node / 4CPU / 8G RAM / 1NIC


All serveurs are configured to


All servers are configured to:

- use one of our internal /24 network

- use the coporate proxy at user space and docker level

- use Red Hat Satellite as repositories source

- use Active Directory as user authentication method

- be accessible throught SSH.


Here's my inventory file:






okdmst01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be openshift_master_cluster_hostname="okdmst01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be" openshift_schedulable=true



okdmst01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be openshift_node_group_name="node-config-master"

okdinf01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be openshift_node_group_name="node-config-infra"

okdnod0[1:2]t.stluc.ucl.ac.be openshift_node_group_name="node-config-compute"























I use ansible tower upstream (AWX) to deploy OKD and made the following workflow:

prerequisites.yml == on-success ==> deply-cluster.yml == on-failure ==> uninstall.yml


Everything seems to tun well and my workflow execute correctly.


But I don't know why but when OKD is deployed none of the master / nodes / infra server are accessible throught ssh and none respond to ping.

I can still use the vmware console and see that every conainers are up and running.


I can still login to the lb and all nodes are visible from this one.


So I can't connect to the web console or login using oc using the following:

- in Browser (tested with latest Firefox and Chromium): https://okdmst01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be:8443/

  Connection time out


- CLI:

  oc login https://okdmst01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be:8443

  error: dial tcp i/o timeout - verify you have provided the correct host and port and that the server is currently running.


Do you have a clue that I've to check ?

Is there something I missed ?

I already read the OKD latest doc and serverworld tutorial (https://www.server-world.info/en/note?os=CentOS_7&p=openshift311&f=1) but I can't found something to help me solve this.

I don't really know what to search …

If you have a clue or something to help please share it.


Bests regards.



Wilfried Anuzet
Service Infrastructure
Département Information & Systèmes
Tél: +32 2 764 2488

Avenue Hippocrate, 10 - 1200 Bruxelles - Belgique - Tel: + 32 2 764 11 11 - www.saintluc.be


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