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Re: OKD installation on CentOS 7.6

Hey Wilfried,
it looks like you got some networking issues. I think the [lb] node isn't affected because there's only a HAProxy deployment, and the node is probably not integrated in the SDN of your cluster. So I guess the ansible installer resp. the installation of the SDN messed up with your network settings. 
Can you reach hosts outside of your subnet from the master node? E.g. or a different internal host from a different subnet? 
Is NetworkManager enabled and running on all nodes (required!)?
Are the default routes correct on all nodes (check with "ip route show", and look for the line with default. Is the gateway correct? Is it the same as the LB node has?)
When you are connected to the master node, can you execute "oc get nodes"? If yes, can you check if the SDN pods are running ("oc get pods -n openshift-sdn")? And  are the nodes ready? 

Best Regards,
PS: Sorry for the two mails, forgot the mailing list as CC

Am Di., 16. Apr. 2019 um 14:21 Uhr schrieb ANUZET Wilfried <wilfried anuzet uclouvain be>:



I tried to install OKD onto brand new CentOS VM 7.6.

As I already set up a simple cluster on my cloud server to learn Openshift (1 master 1 node / CentOS 7.6 running on proxmox), I assume it will be easy as well using the openshift-ansible project.


Here's the server I want to deploy:

okdlb01t => OKD Load balancer / 1CPU / 2G RAM / 1NIC

okdmst01t => OKD master / 8CPU / 16G RAM / 1NIC

okdnod01t / okdnod02t => 2 OKD nodes / 4CPU / 8G RAM / 1NIC

okdinf01t => OKD infrastructure node / 4CPU / 8G RAM / 1NIC


All serveurs are configured to


All servers are configured to:

- use one of our internal /24 network

- use the coporate proxy at user space and docker level

- use Red Hat Satellite as repositories source

- use Active Directory as user authentication method

- be accessible throught SSH.


Here's my inventory file:






okdmst01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be openshift_master_cluster_hostname="okdmst01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be" openshift_schedulable=true



okdmst01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be openshift_node_group_name="node-config-master"

okdinf01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be openshift_node_group_name="node-config-infra"

okdnod0[1:2]t.stluc.ucl.ac.be openshift_node_group_name="node-config-compute"























I use ansible tower upstream (AWX) to deploy OKD and made the following workflow:

prerequisites.yml == on-success ==> deply-cluster.yml == on-failure ==> uninstall.yml


Everything seems to tun well and my workflow execute correctly.


But I don't know why but when OKD is deployed none of the master / nodes / infra server are accessible throught ssh and none respond to ping.

I can still use the vmware console and see that every conainers are up and running.


I can still login to the lb and all nodes are visible from this one.


So I can't connect to the web console or login using oc using the following:

- in Browser (tested with latest Firefox and Chromium): https://okdmst01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be:8443/

  Connection time out


- CLI:

  oc login https://okdmst01t.stluc.ucl.ac.be:8443

  error: dial tcp i/o timeout - verify you have provided the correct host and port and that the server is currently running.


Do you have a clue that I've to check ?

Is there something I missed ?

I already read the OKD latest doc and serverworld tutorial (https://www.server-world.info/en/note?os=CentOS_7&p=openshift311&f=1) but I can't found something to help me solve this.

I don't really know what to search …

If you have a clue or something to help please share it.


Bests regards.



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