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Re: Migration from 3.10 to 3.11


Deploying or upgrading to 3.11, I'ld go with ansible 2.6.
Currently, the ansible package provided by RedHat is some 2.6.16-1. Personally, I'm still using 2.6.5, from PIP. I'm not sure 2.7 is actually supported.

To upgrade an existing installation, one would usually:
- update your inventory accordingly (remove deprecated variables, add what you'ld need, ...)

Sometimes, upgrading could have difficulties detecting either current or target versions, don't hesitate setting them yourself:

openshift_image_tag: v3.11
openshift_pkg_version: -3.11.0
openshift_release: v3.11
openshift_upgrade_min: 3.11
openshift_version: "3.11"

Once your variables are ready, you should be able to apply the upgrade_control_plane and upgrade_nodes playbooks:

ansible-playbook -i </path/to/inventory/file> ./playbooks/byo/openshift-cluster/upgrades/v3_11/upgrade_control_plane.yml
ansible-playbook -i </path/to/inventory/file> ./playbooks/byo/openshift-cluster/upgrades/v3_11/upgrade_nodes.yml

Now, regarding your error, it sounds like ansible isn't able to properly detect the version of openshift currently deployed.
That version should be extracted via roles/lib_utils/library/get_current_openshift_version.py, around line 74, grepping for an IMAGE_VERSION= in /etc/sysconfig/origin-node

Note that upgrading, you shouldn't have to apply the prerequisites playbook. Yet it should work.
If you can't get it to work, then try forcing IMAGE_VERSION=v3.10 in /etc/sysconfig/origin-node. Let us know how that goes.


On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 2:27 PM Hyde Stevenson <hyde nodistrict com> wrote:

We have an OKD 3.10 cluster and I wouli like to migrate to the new
3.11 version but got a couple of questions :

- is there a specific ansible version to use ? I know from my past
  experience that for x version you must use a specific version.
  The README indicates that it must be >= 2.6 and that the 2.7 is
  supported ... but which one exactly ?

- What is the best way to migrate the masters and nodes ? Should I
  remove them one by one from the cluster and migrate them ?

Play:     Ensure firewall is not switched during upgrade
     Task:     set currently installed version
     Message:  The task includes an option with an undefined variable. The error was: 'ansible.vars.hostvars.HostVarsVars object' has no attribute 'openshift_current_version'

               The error appears to have been in 'openshift-ansible/playbooks/common/openshift-cluster/upgrades/init.yml': line 24, column 5, but may
               be elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax problem.

               The offending line appears to be:

                 - name: set currently installed version
                   ^ here

Any idea about that error ?

Hyde Stevenson                                             

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