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Re: Public Service

Hi Gerhard,
OpenShift uses by default the "ovs-subnet" SDN (software-defined network) plugin. I think this is the only one supported with minishift. With the "ovs-subnet" plugin, all Services are from all Namespaces reachable.
So all you need to do is creating a Service for your Deployment/DeploymentConfig. The inside your cluster resolvable FQDN of your service ist always


Am Do., 18. Apr. 2019 um 07:33 Uhr schrieb Gerhard <gemei2 web de>:

I'm trying to find out how docker-registry.default.svc is made. It is a
service that is visible to all projects. If I want to build a similar
thing how should I do that?

I found

    oc adm pod-network make-projects-global

But that doesn't work on minishift because there is no multitenant
plugin installed. But there is still docker-registry.default.svc, so
there must be an other way to implement this.

Can you tell what I have to read, to learn how to do this?


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