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Re: copy mutiple directories using oc new-build with source-image-path flag

On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 6:05 AM Alix ander <mysteriousmann hotmail com> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

when writing a build config in openshift, i can copy multiple
directories from one container to another like this
      - from:
          kind: ImageStreamTag
          name: 'buildervscv:latest'
          - destinationDir: .
            sourcePath: /opt/app-root/src/dist/.
          - destinationDir: .
            sourcePath: /opt/app-root/src/openshift/conf/.

how can i do the same thing using oc new-build ?

I tried
oc new-build --source-image=builder
oc new-build  --source-image=builder --source-image-path
/opt/app-root/src/dist/.:.  /opt/app-root/src/openshift/conf/.:.
oc new-build  --source-image=builder
--source-image-path=[/opt/app-root/src/dist/.:. ,
/opt/app-root/src/openshift/conf/.:.] --image-stream=openshift/nginx

with the fist one only one directory is being copied! and the rest are
throwing an error.

Unfortunately it looks like new-build only accepts a single --source-image-path argument right now (meaning if you pass multiple, it will just use the first one i guess, though I would have expected it to use the last one).  If you need to specify multiple you'd have to edit/patch the buildconfig after it is created to add the additional paths.


Any help?

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Ben Parees | OpenShift

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