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Re: route still not working....

You need to specific the Docker image when you create your app from the repo

On Sun, Dec 15, 2019 at 8:19 PM Just Marvin <marvin the cynical robot gmail com> wrote:

    Starting a new thread to clear my head. Its only been 8 hours since I started banging my head on the desk because of this problem, but it feels like 80. A little more background than in my previous thread:

  • The container I'm working with is websphere-liberty. I can simply do a "...new-app --docker-image=docker.io/websphere-liberty:javaee8", and that container will spin up, and the route will respond correctly when pointed to the service. 
  • With an application payload, I have been unable to get this working. I can use port-forwarding and verify that my service is functioning properly on OpenShift, but the route refuses to talk to it.
  • I have tried regular routes, and edge terminated routes. Somewhere around hour 4 is when I gave up on the more complex reencrypt and passthrough options.
  • My git repo for my very simple app: https://github.com/kstephen314159/simple-stuff
    I have enabled the transport level tracing on liberty, but it doesn't show any activity when I submit the request to the route. So, at this point, I'm mystified, because the route doesn't seem to like the service, but I don't know why. Would appreciate any pointers in either proving or disproving that the route is working correctly.

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