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Changing master-config.yaml through Ansible hosts file or directly?


I installed okd 3.12 using the Ansible playbook deploy_cluster.yml and now I was having the following questions regarding configuration changes to the cluster:

1) If I want to change a configuration parameter of okd do I necessarily need to change my /etc/ansible/hosts file and then run again the Ansible deploy_cluster.yml playbook?

2) Am I allowed to directly change parameters in /etc/origin/master/master-config.yaml (bypassing the Ansible hosts file and playbook)?

I am asking because it takes around 20 minutes to run the deploy_cluster.yml file again, that's a bit excessive for changing one configuration option IMHO.

For example I want to change the okd identityProvider configuration from its default of AllowAllPasswordIdentityProvider to HTPasswdPasswordIdentityProvider.

Or more generally what is the recommended workflow to change cluster configuration when having deployed with Ansible?


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