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Re: HPA not getting metrics


On 01.07.2019 17:43, Punga Dan wrote:

Ran through similar issue/confusion. Apparently the openshift-metrics  > ansible install which generates the openshift-infra project isn't't >
enough for the HPA to work. >
So you actually need to install the metrics-server for kubernetes which
> generates a new project called openshift-metrics-server inside your

Just to make sure that I have got you right: the installation notes on
both say that openshift-metrics/config.yml is the playbook to run. If I
understand you correctly then that is not true and I need to install
something else.

Is that so because I used oc commands that are not meant for Openshift
3.11 or are the installation notes simply wrong?

Anyway, I would like to try what you recommended. How would I install
the metrics server for Kubernetes into m OpenShift cluster?

Kind regards,

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