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OKD Working Group Community Survey & Kick-off OKD WG Meeting Details


Could you take a minute and do this short survey for the OKD Working Group (mtg logistics, communication channels, interest levels, feedback) 

Survey link here: https://forms.gle/abEFZ6oey79jxGjJ7

We'll be holding the OKD Working Group kick-off meeting next week on July 31st at 9:00 am Pacific.  The OKD working group purpose is to discuss, give guidance & enable collaboration on current development efforts for OKD4, Fedora CoreOS  (FCOS) and Kubernetes. The OKD WG will also include discussion of shared community goals for OKD4 and beyond. 

OKD WG Kick-off Mtg details here: https://commons.openshift.org/events.html#event|okd-working-group-kick-off-meeting|983

We are also hosting a OpenShift Commons Briefing tomorrow (July 25th at 9:00 am Pacific) with Ben Breard and Benjamin Gilbert on FCOS 

Briefing details here: https://commons.openshift.org/events.html#event|introduction-to-fedora-coreos-fcos-with-ben-breard-and-benjamin-gilbert-red-hat|982

Kind Regards,

Diane Mueller
Director, Community Development
Red Hat OpenShift

We have more in Common than you know, learn more at http://commons.openshift.org

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