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Enable FeatureGates in Openshift 4.1?


I have an openshift 4.1 cluster that was deployed in to AWS using the openshift-install-linux-4.1.4 tool. Everything seems to be working as expected thusfar.

The issue I am encountering is getting a third-party CSI driver working. I have had this working in upstream Kubernetes clusters in the past, but in order for this CSI driver to work I need to enable some feature gates. Specifically the CSINodeInfo and CSIDriverRegistry for Kuberenetes 1.13, which Openshift 4.1 is shipping.

All I could find in the OpenShift 4.1 documentation was how to set 'featureSet: TechPreviewNoUpgrade', which according to the documentation only enables a handful of FeatureGates, but not the ones I specifically need.

The Openshift 3.11 documentation only seems to cover disabling featuregates, but I imagine enabling would be done similarly. It mentions editing the /etc/origin/master/master-config.yaml files to do so, but /etc/origin doesn't seem to exist on any of my worker or master nodes.

So, how is one supposed to enable feature gates with openshift 4.1?


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