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Re: Which DNS to use?

$openshift_master_default_subdomain would be resolvable to your users in exactly the same way google.com would be. It’s a real domain. It’s not OpenShift specific.

You will manage this domain in your enterprise per usual, and create wildcard DNS A records for the subdomain which return the IPs of your router(s).

On Fri, Jun 21, 2019 at 3:50 AM Robert Dahlem <robert dahlem gmx net> wrote:

I am totally new to OpenShift. I managed to setup a master and a node,
then tried:
        oc login -u dev -p dev
        oc new-project ...
        oc new-app ...
        oc expose ...

After exposing my application it can be reached at


I can reach that from my browser on another system if I add the IP
address of my master with this name to my local hosts file.

My question is: in which DNS would this be resolveable? The masters DNS
does not know about it:

os-master # dig @ \
        $appname-$projectname.$openshift_master_default_subdomain +short

comes back empty.

Kind regards,

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