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Re: Failure when adding node - Approve node certificates when bootstrapping


On 26.06.2019 14:51, Dan Pungă wrote:

I've recently run the scaleup procedeure on a 3.11 OKD cluster with the
same result(failure) from the ansible run.

Thank you for jumping in.

However, when checking for node status and extra info I've found that
the node was successfully added to the cluster and in "Ready" state.

oc get nodes -o wide -> gives the status of the nodes, their role,
internal IP etc;

# oc get nodes
shows only the nodes I had before the scaleup.

I had a similar CSR problem when initially installing the cluster and
posted a question in here some weeks ago. My problem was DNS related,
but, while searching for a solution, I found that subsequent runs of the
node playbook would generate OKD csr-s that would not be approved, but
in pending state.
You can see if there are any and what state they're in with:

oc get csr

Unfortunately I see:
# oc get csr
No resources found.

This might very well be the root of my problem.

What I did was to enable automatic certificate issue from the master
with using the variable


I tried that, but ran into the same error.

Kind regards,

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