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install questions (on AWS)


    Firstly - is this the right place to ask questions pertaining to the v4 developer preview? If not, would appreciate a pointer to the right place please.

    I have questions pertaining to how one would install on AWS (v4 or v3). AWS charges for Elastic IP's that are not mapped to a running EC2 instance, or additional elastic IP's (more than one) mapped to a EC2 instance. I know how many elastic IPs I need for routes, but I'm not sure how these IPs need to be assigned. Do I say that all those IP addresses are going to be assigned to the host running the SDN (openvswitch?) components? Or do I distribute them across the worker nodes? Do I need an elastic ip address for kube-dns (and if so, which host is that on - the master)?

    If I need to enable https end-user traffic, will I need to install CA (but private CA) cert generating components, or does Openshift have the capability to dynamically generate the certificates for my routes?


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