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Re: skydns i/o timeout

This sounds similar to what i encountered at a customer site. We applied the solution specified in these knowledge base articles and it seemed to resolve the issue. The 3690091 article has most of what you need but the other article specifies a few more ip table rules.

On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 6:25 PM Cameron Braid <cameron braid com au> wrote:

I am having some DNS issues in my origin 3.7 cluster

I am seeing occasional dns lookup delays of around 1 to 5 seconds every 5 - 10 minutes

In trying to find the cause I found in the origin-node logs the following about every second

Jan 31 13:10:18 node01-2018.drivenow.com.au origin-node[39574]: I0131 13:10:18.042221   39574 logs.go:41] skydns: failure to forward request "read udp> i/o timeout"

However I can successfully do dns resolution on the node as per 

dig google.com @ +short +search

And resolve internal IPs too

dig docker-registry.default.svc @ +short +search

Am I correct in my testing that origin-node is accessing the dnsmasq server on ?

I get the same issue on all three nodes.

I can successfully run "oc adm diagnostics NetworkCheck" without any errors

Any thoughts on where else to look ?


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