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web-console redirecting to different address


I have an okd testing cluster in 3.11, by default I installed it without the web console, once there I wanted to install the web console, I executed the following ansible-playbooks

ansible-playbook openshift-ansible/playbooks/prerequisites.yml
ansible-playbook openshift-ansible/playbooks/openshift-console/config.yml

With the inventory set as following

openshift_console_install: 'true'
openshift_console_hostname: 'openshift-console.something'

After the installation I tried to go to the UI and click in cluster console, the problem is that this redirects me to https://console.apps.<ip>.nip.io/  instead to  https://openshift-console.something 
How could I modify this behaviour?

On the other hand, if I browse for https://openshift-console.something  I get the result I expect, the only problem is the redirection, how could I change it? 

Thanks in advance.

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