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OCP4 - Logging in gives me api list on Chrome and Firefox

This is really odd.  When I try to login to OCP4 from my mac via chrome or firefox once I get logged in with kubeadmin I just get a blank screen that shows the list of apis:

  "paths": [

here's the url in the bar - https://console-openshift-console.apps.ocp47.tremolo.dev/auth/callback?code=...

The only browser that works is safari on mac.  Whats really odd is when I add an openid connect provider it redirects me to my identity provider, but shows me the above api list.  Whats really odd here is that the url bar is pointing to my idp (openunison) hosted in openshift:


This is REALLY odd.  Why is ocp4 generating a path list on my app?


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