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OKD 3.11 Networkpolicy

Hi, its kind a hard to explain my problem but, i am trying to get to work network policy in OKD 3.11, but seems it doesn’t work as i it should. Is it working different way as in kubernetes?

I am using ovs-networkpolicy plugin.


The problem is related to  pod labels which seems doesnt work as they are documented in kubernetes doc. (https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/services-networking/network-policies/)

  • podSelector:


              app: <name>


For example i have two projects A and B. In project A i have pod with label app: web and in project B i have pod with label app: db.

I have labeled project B with label project: B, and project A with label project A,  also labeled pods.

It still doesn’t work.


Now i create network policy which should be able to allow this access.


kind: NetworkPolicy

apiVersion: networking.k8s.io/v1


  name: allow-from-B-to-A




      app: web


    - from:

        - podSelector:


              app: DB

        - namespaceSelector:


              project: B



I read in documentaiton:

Only the v1 NetworkPolicy features are available in OKD. This means that egress policy types, IPBlock, and combining podSelector and namespaceSelector are not available in OKD.


It is working if i use only namespaceSelector so it allow access from specific namespace TO specific pod inside project, NOT from specific pod from another project to pod inside different project as i mentioned before.

I tried to allow access only using podSelector without namespaceSelector, but still without success.

Is there are any workaround or solution to allow/restrict access between different projects/namespaces specific pods labels?






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