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Re: Where do I source upstream images, when running an OKD 3.11 offline installation?

Greetings again, list.

Please due provide any pointers that anyone may have, however, I was starting to freak out a bit because I couldn't remember how I used to resolve the purely opensource registry image requirements, such as those that are retrieved for offline installs for openshift container platform, direct from redhat.io.  

I have now re-found openshift/origin-* prefixed images, which I recognize, on docker.io.

However, if there are any other OKD required images that do not correspond to the origin- prefix, then I would appreciate some further direction, if they are not on docker.io.  

I have run out of time this evening, however, I guess I could just do a connected install and observe the resultant image repo contents. (I am sure someone was wondering why I didn't do this already, and well, I am rusty and am still reacquainting myself. Lol...)

Thanks in advance.

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