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Re: Where do I source upstream images, when running an OKD 3.11 offline installation?

Have you tried Docker hub? https://hub.docker.com/u/openshift

On Sun, May 12, 2019 at 5:30 PM Martes G. Wigglesworth <martes mgwigglesworth com> wrote:
Greetings List.

I am sure you have fielded this question previously, howevever, I am forced to ask directly since I haven't found any good direct information.

What do I use for an upstream registry for OKD/openshift-origin?

If I were attempting to poll for requisite images to produce the fully open-sourced version of a dedicated or "offline" OKd installation, is there a direct route to pull from, such as what is described in the Red Hat Openshift Platform 3.11 documentation on the subject?

What do I "docker pull" to replicate the required images for operations within openshift origin/okd, to replicate online behavior, as installed using some upstream registry, such as using redhat.io?

Any assistance would be much appreciated, as I am only really familiar with the enterprise product direct from Red Hat.

I believe the OKD images would need to run on CentOS based infrastructure images, so that is also why I assume I would need a registry hosting "centos-based" images.


Martes W.

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