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OKD 3.11 installation failure on multi-homed system.

Running into an installation failure that seems to be network related but cannot find the problem issue.

Running the installation on a single node with an all-in-one config.

The host has two networks.




Docker is using standard networking:

The internal pod network is the default:

We have moved the portal net to


The issue is we are finding is that the deployment pod( the temporary one from deployment config/rc set) fails to get to the

Kubernetes API. 


oc logs router-1-deploy

error: couldn't get deployment router-1: Get dial tcp i/o timeout


The oc command works.  The node is in a Ready state.

Other pieces of the infrastructure are running.  We can even launch new pods via deployment.  It is just the chain deploymentconfig->replicationcontroller->deployment_pod->API Access. that is failing.

We can go into other pods and access the API without issue.

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