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Re: sftp service on cluster - how to do it


    I _will_ have access to load balancers if needed, but at the moment, I need to understand how it works. Assume that I do: what exactly does "proxy to the internal sftp service" mean? I assume "sftp service" would be the service that I set up, but which piece is the proxy? I don't see that load balancer and proxy functions as being the same, so it seems like you are talking about a third piece. What piece is that?


On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 1:30 PM Tobias Florek <openshift ibotty net> wrote:

I assume you don't have easy access to load balancers, because that
would be easiest.  Just proxy to the internal sftp service.

If you don't I have used Nodeport service in the past.  You will lose
the nice port 22 though.  If you control the node's ssh daemon, you can
also use ProxyJumps.  Be sure to lock down ssh for the users though.

 Tobias Florek

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