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Re: access to nightly OCP builds

Hrm, the nightly link seems to have disappeared.

The nightly installer binaries are located at:


On Nov 19, 2019, at 7:58 PM, Dale Bewley <dale bewley net> wrote:

I'm thwarted from installing OCP 4.2 on OSP 13 due to lack of support for a typical enterprise TLS config [1]. It is preventing the bootstrap node from reaching Swift due to "self-signed" cert. I see that may be mostly fixed upstream [2] now.

If this fix is in a nightly build [3] of OCP 4.3, how do I, as a customer obtain access for testing? Following the link in the blog post to try.openshift.com does not seem to offer an answer. RH tech support does not seem to realize it's a thing or I'm bad at asking questions. Nightlies of OCP is a thing, right? :)
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