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Re: how to supply ca trust bundle to bootstrap ignition config for openstack

I believe the ca bundle value should show up here:

$ cat terraform.openstack.auto.tfvars.json | jq -r .openstack_bootstrap_shim_ignition | jq .ignition.security
  "tls": {}

While attempting to influence that, I've had no luck by placing the CA cert in install-config.yaml at any of .platform.openstack.{userCA,userCAIgnition} subsequent to running create cluster. What am I missing to influence the TLS payload of bootstrap shim for ignition?

$ ~/Downloads/openshift-install version
/Users/dlbewley/Downloads/openshift-install v4.3.0
built from commit 2355d9b2dd662c0043133d76273c5cf10e0ce00a
release image quay.io/openshift-release-dev/ocp-release-nightly sha256:3828e79b24b1891b9bec8b47fb7bf2fe093d7211dc9687cff317f475fa15f999

On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 9:38 AM Dale Bewley <dale bewley net> wrote:
After this merge I understand I can supply a CA bundle to enable ignition to trust my OpenStack Swift endpoint
I am trying with the openshift-install-mac-4.3.0-0.nightly-2019-11-19-053808.tar.gz build. 

Can you help me help myself with this?

How do I translate `bootstrap_shim_ignition = var.openstack_bootstrap_shim_ignition` into a expected value in install-config.yaml?


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