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Re: where does CRC store its data?

Didn't check with CRC yet, though with minikube, you used to have something like a KVM guest.
You won't find anything on your host system.

You can "oc get nodes" to list your node hostname
Then "oc debug node/<nodename>" to start a debug container on that node.
I'ld assume your shares are in /host/mnt. (or /mnt, if you "chroot /host").


On Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 1:44 AM Just Marvin <marvin the cynical robot gmail com> wrote:

    On my host system, I see:

[zaphod oc6010654212 code]$ oc get pv
NAME     CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   RECLAIM POLICY   STATUS      CLAIM                                                 STORAGECLASS   REASON   AGE
pv0001   100Gi      RWO,ROX,RWX    Recycle          Bound       openshift-image-registry/crc-image-registry-storage                           22d
pv0002   100Gi      RWO,ROX,RWX    Recycle          Available                                                                                 22d
pv0003   100Gi      RWO,ROX,RWX    Recycle          Available                                                                                 22d
pv0004   100Gi      RWO,ROX,RWX    Recycle          Available                                                                                 22d
pv0030   100Gi      RWO,ROX,RWX    Recycle          Available                                                                                 22d
[zaphod oc6010654212 code]$ oc describe pv pv0001
Name:            pv0001
Labels:          volume=pv0001
Annotations:     pv.kubernetes.io/bound-by-controller: yes
Finalizers:      [kubernetes.io/pv-protection]
Status:          Bound
Claim:           openshift-image-registry/crc-image-registry-storage
Reclaim Policy:  Recycle
Access Modes:    RWO,ROX,RWX
VolumeMode:      Filesystem
Capacity:        100Gi
Node Affinity:   <none>
    Type:          HostPath (bare host directory volume)
    Path:          /mnt/pv-data/pv0001
Events:            <none>
[zaphod oc6010654212 code]$ ls -l /mnt/pv-data/pv0001
ls: cannot access /mnt/pv-data/pv0001: No such file or directory
[zaphod oc6010654212 code]$ ls -l /mnt
total 0

    What gives? Where is CRC actually storing the data in its registry, etc? More importantly, if I want to use one of those unbound pv's for applications, can I?

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