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Re: Cannot retrieve ignition config from machine-config-server - expired certs

On Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 7:35 PM W. Trevor King <wking redhat com> wrote:

> Give it a day or so and see if you fall back into the window where the
> node's clock lines up with the cert's validity window?  Or is the new
> cluster stuck on something else?

Nope, not stuck on anything else - and now I've definitively found it,
mystery solved. I typo'ed something on the install cmdline (I'm
installing via iso) and figured "hey, while I'm here check the date"
and the host HAS supplied the correct time to the guest - in
US/Eastern, and the guest thinks that the TZ is UTC. It'll work in a
few hours :). I was worried about the 24 hour install cert expiration,
but I think it'll be fine.

How my other guest have correct UTC time, I dunno - my guess is that
the host notices at some point after the OS is fully up and corrects
it, but who knows?

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