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Re: istio pods

you can use "oc describe pod <pod-name>", to figure out what's going on with your pod.
could be that you're out of cpu/memory.


On Sun, Oct 6, 2019 at 9:27 PM Just Marvin <marvin the cynical robot gmail com> wrote:

[zaphod oc3027208274 ocp4.2-aws]$ oc get pods
NAME                              READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
istio-citadel-7cb44f4bb-tccql     1/1     Running   0          9m35s
istio-galley-75599dbc67-b4mgx     1/1     Running   0          8m41s
istio-policy-56476c984b-c7t8j     0/2     Pending   0          8m23s
istio-telemetry-d5bbd7d7b-v8kjq   0/2     Pending   0          8m24s
jaeger-5d9dfdfb67-mv8mp           2/2     Running   0          8m45s
prometheus-685bdbdc45-hmb9f       2/2     Running   0          9m17s
[zaphod oc3027208274 ocp4.2-aws]$ 

    The pods in Pending state don't seem to be moving forward. The operator logs aren't showing anything informative about why this might be. Is this normal, or if there is a problem, and if so, how would I figure out the cause?

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