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Re: ocp4 cluster fails to initialize on GCP

On Sun, Oct 6, 2019 at 9:35 AM Just Marvin wrote:
>     FYI - was able to use the same downloaded binaries and install successfully on AWS. In AWS, I do get the the widlcarded *.apps.... A record in the public hosted zone.

Here's what a successful *.apps record looks like in GCP [1].  I don't
see that in your gather.  And skimming quickly through it, seems like
cluster-scoped-resources/certificates.k8s.io/ is full of unapproved
certificate signing requests?  Looks like you have no compute machines
associated with your cluster.  And without compute machines, you won't
be able to get ingress working, as far as I'm aware (although I'm not
all that familiar with GCP, maybe they do something different for
ingress routing).


[1]: https://storage.googleapis.com/origin-ci-test/logs/release-openshift-ocp-installer-e2e-gcp-4.2/28/artifacts/e2e-gcp/must-gather/quay-io-openshift-release-dev-ocp-v4-0-art-dev-sha256-ce0ba52504b78358de89a0d8bc483d9d1eff3fefcbda1e43255636012dce14f7/namespaces/openshift-ingress-operator/ingress.operator.openshift.io/dnsrecords/default-wildcard.yaml

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